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Al Arif Décor is a reputed Interior fit out and soft furnishing company based in Dubai, proudly serving the UAE community since the year 1995. Our long track record of excellence should set your mind at ease while considering placing an order with us. We are well known for our construction quality, commitment and on time delivery.

Corporates, Five Star Hotels, Hospitals, Residential customers, U.S Consulate, Wafi City, Indian High School, American School of Dubai, Emaar Malls, Al Futtaim Group and many more have trusted us for our genuine and exemplary Interior Fit out services.

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Al Arif Air-Conditioning Systems was established in the year 2004 as a service provider in the field of Air Conditioning in Dubai. Today the company has grown to be a well-established MEP (Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing) contractor in the UAE. We offer specialized HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) solutions in UAE with specialized products for air purification, air sterilization, Indoor air quality monitoring and related specialized systems.

We are a total solution provider in the Engineering, Design, Supply, Installation and Commissioning of MEP systems and services.

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Airgloss ProSense is a pro-level environmental monitoring solution designed for commercial and industrial applications (offices, meeting rooms and other public spaces such as workspaces and schools), where air quality influences the occupant’s wellbeing and health, with a direct impact on performance and productivity. It features cutting-edge gas sensing technology developed entirely by Airgloss using state-of-the-art MEMs sensor array and pattern recognition algorithms, specifically designed for indoor environmental monitoring.

Airgloss ProSense is easily set up over Wi-Fi and can detect a wide range of airborne contaminants, such as VOCs, carbon monoxide, CO2, NO2, methane, indoor temperature, humidity, and background noise. It integrates existing heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, working both individually and in tandem to monitor a single room, a floor, or even the entire building.

This technology was initially developed for NASA in 2011, when three Airgloss sensors were installed on the International Space Station to monitor contaminants for the health and safety of the astronauts. Airgloss has been awarded by the European Space Agency the “ESA Space Solutions” trademark, created to give special recognition to products and services that make use of space technology and space-provided services for everyday life.

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Indoor air quality has become a matter of concern in the recent years due to increased population, high level of industrial activity, increasing number of cars and the growth in drug resistant bacteria’s and viruses. Would we rather build more clinics and hospitals or find ways to improve the ambient conditions for healthy living?

We breathe in billions of particles every day. Indoor air quality problems are categorised into three basic categories-particulates, microbial and gases. Particulate is dust, smoke or very small particles. Cooling systems with a filter does not aid much in reducing particulates, microbial or gases, as these filters are generally not designed for air quality. They are basically designed to keep the HVAC equipment clean.

However, we do have the solution to that! If you are looking for a way to ensure clean air that is free from Viruses, Bacteria and other Microbes.

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Start breathing Fresh Air from today!!


Chiller from Finland manufactures the world’s most advanced and silent fan coil units which are known for its energy efficiency and advanced controls.

The preferred sound level of the unit can be selected from five standard options. The fan performance is continuously variably optimized within the sound limits.

The Vari Pro automation controls the air temperature and fluid flow precisely and accurately. The units are configured at the factory according to the site’s demand and tested with a dedicated test system.

The intuitive user interface of Vari PRO room controller makes setting the room temperature easy. The controller displays both the current temperature and the new set point, which are the key parameters for the user. The graph shows to which direction the temperature is controlled by the air conditioning to reach the new set point, and the time it takes to reach it. The main display of the Vari PRO controller can also be configured in different ways depending on the usage.

The fan speed is automatically controlled in relation to the set point temperature, with a possibility for manual override.

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